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Your Champion For Galway. The Galway Podcast is an audio magazine of conversations, events, music and craic from Galway, Ireland. Ideal for Galwegians, the Galway diaspora, tourists and anyone who fancies an insight into the one of the coolest counties on the planet. The Galway Podcast is a force of positivity that champions Galway in all its brilliance. The Galway Podcast is produced by Salthill Media which also produces The Ireland Podcast. Please support The Galway Podcast by subscribing, sharing, rating or going to Thanks!

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Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Episode 46 brings you an in depth conversation with the tourism officer of Galway City Council, Mr Ruairí Lehmann. Ruairi discusses the challenges and joys of his job, how popular Galway is as a tourist destination, how Galway County and Galway City work in tandem with each other, the importance of the tourists and students to the economy to Galway and the west of Ireland, development plans for the future, the different festivals - big and small, the tourism season of Galway, how Galway is a MedTech capital globally, balancing Galway's heritage with its developing future, public consultations, the challenges of opening a new business in Galway, what the council are doing with sustainability and green energy, short term lets and new legislation, the night time economy as well as other topics.
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Photo by Professor Chaosheng Zhang
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Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

Episode 45 is a very in-depth conversation with Katharine Mac Mághnuis from the Athenry Music School where she discusses her background, the birth of Athenry Music School, the philosophy of Suzuki Education, the lessons available, her suggestions for how much practise a child should do, the school regulations, awards and partnerships, upcoming events as well as other topics. Photo by Brad Anderson.
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Saturday Jan 13, 2024

Episode 44. A great day out in Galway with fine dignitaries and artists unveiling a plaque in Rahoon Cemetery to commemorate the relationship between James Joyce and Galway via the ex boyfriend of Nora Barnacle, Michael ‘Sonny’ Bodkin. Vocals by the esteemed Noel O'Grady.

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

Episode 43. This episode was initially scheduled to be published on The Galway Podcast but we published it on The Ireland Podcast first. Now we are publishing it here. Apologies to those who are subscribed to both channels. If you are not subscribed to The Ireland Podcast, please do! 
This episode brings you Nicole Schwabacher, a teacher turned author at the start of her literary career where she discusses her first novel: Inyo's Ring. As it is described on her website:
"A young sailor’s quest for survival turns into an epic battle for love, freedom, and justice in this gripping reimagined legend of the Tudor Era.
The coast of Ireland, 1588: Aboard a lone galleon, part of what once was the mighty Armada, Inyo Fernández has barely survived weeks of starvation and harrowing sea battles, when his ship is far off course, heading straight into a catastrophic storm.
In Ireland, the O’Malley chieftain’s granddaughter, Finley, has only recently discovered how badly her world is broken. And now, she and the entire clan are about to be plunged into a desperate struggle against foreign domination.
​So much is already at stake, and hiding someone hunted by the English will endanger everyone’s lives even more. Finley, however, is inexplicably drawn to the stranger and can’t shake the feeling that she knows him. But how?
Amid uncertain days, a spark ignites between Finley and Inyo, a growing flame that outshines the darkness around them. Yet both know that inevitable heartbreak looms because Inyo simply has to flee.
When Finley’s kin are ambushed and captured, facing the gallows, Inyo and Finley unexpectedly find themselves catapulted into untold dangers across the sea."
There's a challenge in this episode to turn this book into a screenplay and then who knows what may become of it?

Wednesday Jan 03, 2024

Episode 42. The first episode of 2024 is a recording from the Galway Bay Cycling Club's Christmas Party in December 2023 featuring Liam Moran, Seán Hernon and Oonagh McArdle.
Liam and Oonagh talk about a wide range of topics including the Galway Bay Cycling Club, its members, how to become a member, why you should consider becoming a member, the club's achievements, the barriers to entry, the future for the club, the need for someone to take on a social media role, safety in cycling as well as other topics.
Seán also talks about his Mizen to Malin record and how he broke it, how it was then broken by Ronan McLaughlin and his ambitions to reclaim that record. Seán gives some great inside tips on how he hopes to do that as well as other talking points.
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Wednesday Dec 27, 2023

Episode 41. An end of the year special brings you a conversation straight from the Christmas party of the Galway Bay Cycling Club between two people who have broken the record for cycling from Mizen to Malin. 
Sean Hernon who knocked 15mins off the male record in 2021 with a time of around 17h 20m interviews this year's female record holder Karen Cassidy. 
Sean actually held back on asking Karen any questions in advance of this conversation so what you have here is a genuine deep dive into the prep work Karen underwent, the challenges she faced, what kept her motivated and why she would ever dream of doing anything like this again.
Sean was interviewed separately along with other members of Galway Bay Cycling Club and you should be able to hear that conversation in the next episode. In the meantime enjoy this very insightful conversation.
Special thanks to Karen, Sean and all at GBCC for this episode.
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Tuesday Dec 19, 2023

Episode 40. Discussion with Niamh Ryan who is a sex, love & relationship coach. a mentor as well as other things. Niamh empowers women to come home to their womb space. She has had a very personal health journey which she shares on this episode.
Along with being a mentor Niamh even runs Sunrise Social Galway which is a coffee/swim/hiking group. She has a studio in Liosban and discusses that too. Niamh also discusses her experience in the corporate and legal world as well as other topics. WARNING: This episode discusses some adult themes.
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Wild Rose Holistics: Wild Rose Holistic Galway — Spiral with Niamh
Tune Into Niamh's Podcast: The Unbound WOMBON Delve deeper into Niamh's wisdom on her podcast, exploring the realms of love, sexuality, and relationships. A platform for candid conversations and transformative insights.
Virtual Assistant Lauren Kavanagh

Wednesday Dec 13, 2023

Episode 39. This weeks guests are John Cunningham and Amelia Walker. They are here to talk about a new book released this year which is called Hardiman and Beyond. Hardiman and Beyond was edited by John along with Ciaran McDonough and it is the follow up to a famous publication released in 1820 called ‘History of the Town and County of the Town of Galway’. So Hardiman and Beyond is basically a recap of Galway since then. And excellent it is too.
We walk through the history of how the book came into existence, all the different contributors as well as delving into the content and way in which the book is divided. We go through each of the contributors and what they did. Those people are Síobhra Aiken, Marie Boran, Sarah-Anne Buckley, Richard Butler, Brian Casey, Mary Clancy, Mary Cunningham, Anna Falkenau, Elaine Feeney, Dara Folan, Adrian Frazier, Gerard (Gerry) Hanberry, Jonathan Hannon, James Hardiman, Anne Hodge, Michael Kavanagh, Úna Kavanagh, Tom Kenny, Mícheál Mac Craith, Gerard Madden, Charlie McBride, Maria McGarrity, John Mulhern, Méabh Ní Fhuartháin, Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh, Jimmy O’Brien Moran, Lillis Ó Laoire, Nollaig Ó Muraíle, Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh, James Pethica, Lionel Pilkington, Henrike Rau, Alison Titley, Tony Tracy, Chaosheng Zhang. Also mentioned are the Festival Galway contributors of Kernan Andrews, Páraic Breathnach, Sarah Clancy, Martin Conneely, Maura Cronin, Dave Donovan, Lelia Doolan, Kerry Guinan, James Harrold, Ollie Jennings, Fred Johnston, Lali Morris, Judy Murphy, Lorna Siggins.
Artwork by John Mulhern.
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Arden Publishing purchasing link:
Hardiman & Beyond, The Arts & Culture of Galway Since 1820 is available from Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Kennys Bookshop and Dubray Books Galway, and from
Hardiman & Beyond social media: @hardimansgalway
HardimansGalway Instagram:
HardimansGalway Twitter:
HardimansGalway Facebook:
Amelia social media: @design_amelia
Amelia Design Instagram:
Amelia Design Twitter:
Amelia Design:

Wednesday Dec 06, 2023

Clíona Standun talks about how, with her sister Laragh, they run Standún in the heart of Connemara. Included in the conversation is how their grandparents met, the first shop, a long cycle, the Connemara bus, selling sweaters and bicycles etc., 700 knitters around the country, sending sweaters to Nordstrom, assembling the different parts of the sweaters, being the first company to export the Aran sweater, dealing with mail orders, when they first started selling online, working as a teenager in the shop, November and December being the busiest months, the shop being a great environment to grow up in, getting a buzz out of working there, getting off the grid, the rising costs of small businesses, rates, a message to policy makers, how it’s increasingly difficult to run a business in Ireland, championing the indigenous arts, the appeal of Irish made products, the cost of labour and the availability of people, the costs of running a business in Ireland, how customers want to support Irish businesses and Irish manufacturing vs the right price point, how Standún does their best to support Irish made products, the heartbreaking sight of villages with boarded up shops, the supermarket factor, the challenges of being a business in Spiddal, how tourists love Connemara, the foresighted skills of Donal Standún, how he built it into a strong business as a tourist destination, the education provided by being on the shop floor, the best place to buy an Aran sweater according to the Wall Street Journal, customer service being in the Standún DNA, and how Donal prioritised that, the percentage of sales being online, the future of retail, how the business has grown every year since 2015, how Galway city is quite competitive, how Standún is a destination store, the future plans, Merino wool, early wetsuits, lanolin, hand knitting vs machine knitting, the 1950s and 1960s, their aunt Dearbhaill Standún, caring for Aran sweaters, woolite, employing about 22 staff, being full-on busy right up until 5pm Christmas Eve, as well as other topics.

Thursday Nov 30, 2023

Episode 37. Conversation with our two youngest guests where they discuss what it takes to become All Ireland champions. A truly inspirational conversation covering the early inspiration which motivated the girls getting into football,, life in England, Salthill Knocknacarra GAA, Roisín's grandfather Michael Duignan who used to play with Saint Michael’s GAA, the great O’Donnell football family, becoming All Ireland Winners, playing for Club and County, the different positions on the field, self-motivation, the Leaving Cert, composing music, choosing a university, University of Limerick, Boston Scientific, Christopher Reeve, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography, Galway being a big wee town, strokes, life not always being a bed of roses, becoming ladies, their ambitions for the future, Taylor Swift, and a whole bunch of other topics. Go n-éirí an bóthar leo!
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